We have invented and patented in North America and in many European countries long lasting synthetic marking lines for all types of natural grass sport fields. They are presently used for sport fields to eliminate the painting of markings.

Since our sports marking lines showed up very clearly when we took some aerial pictures of the sports fields several years ago, we thought with a little modifications, it would be a fantastic idea if the lines could also be used for small aircraft on natural grass landing strips. After some trials and several prototypes and tests on various airfields Landing Lines are now a reality and are called LINETURF™ Landing Lines. They are easily installed by your personnel. The life expectancy is 10 years or more.

Landing lines are presently installed at three airfields for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets for their training planes - At St-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada and on their two landing strips at Bromont Quebec Regional Airport, Canada, since June 2008.

Airstrip landing lines Model P-15 are available in white only.

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Are you having difficulty keeping grass and weeds from growing around and therefore obscuring runway and taxiway lights? We now have the solution to your problem!

We have invented a product called LITEPAD. Its an easy to install and cost effective product to make maintennce better, easy and quick. This specially designed product provides a large mowing safe-zone with a 36 inch diameter pad that stops grass and weeds from growing close up to the light. Larger diameter pads are also available upon request. The safe zone pad also helps protect lighting equipment from mowing equipment getting too close and possibly damaging the lights. The unique cone integrated into the center of the LITEPAD helps to prevent grass and weeds from creeping in and growing very close to the light post for extra measure of security. The pad will last for decades and therefore will save you much time and money over the long term.

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