This product is intended for anchoring light aircraft. Anchoring an aircraft, in certain circumstances must allow being done very quickly in order to allow secured parking even in bad weather conditions. Moreover, the anchoring points on the ground must be easily accessible and the means used to attach the aircraft on the ground shall allow easy access while also able to be applied to different types of light aircraft.

Since the anchor is set into the ground, under the tarmac (asphalt) at ground level or alternatively a grass/dirt field; the anchors are adjustable to the ground height and bolted to auger type or poured cement footings at the points where you need the aircraft secured. The anchor has a unique, robust and secure pivot adjustment, which is easily changed from anchoring hook up to flat, so it is possible to drive over the stowed unit. Conversion is fast and easy with no special tools required. This design ensures that ground crews or fight crews won't trip on the stowed anchors.

Kwik Anchor AIR-LOK does not change the airfield or the surface of the parking zones. The resistive force per anchor is over 5500 lbs (2500kg) each unit is made with high quality materials applicable to even harsh environmental requirements.

SPECIFICATIONS: (per anchor)

• Made of zinc coated steel for extra durability
• Size: 6” diameter
• Weight 8 pounds
• Can withstand a lateral force of 5,500 pounds (2500kg)
• Includes lateral cement screws and locking screw
• Adjustable, 3” high

N.B. Model also available for auger pilings for grass or dirt fields
Pilings are not included
(Installation of piles is available on request by specialists)


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Ensures Safety

Unsecured aircraft may easily be damaged by high winds and may result in severe injuries or even death to people nearby.

Other Uses

Our AIR-LOK anchors are also used for; arriving friends, restaurant areas or overnight areas.

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