Surfaces Sportives Prévost has invented permanent synthetic marking lines for natural grass fields that increases visibility and reduces costs by making painting or chalking lines, and the high repetitive costs associated with them a thing of the past.


For more than 30 years, the founder of Surfaces Sportives Prévost, Mr. Jacques (Jim) Prevost has invented and designed many innovative products in the synthetic surfacing industry for sports applications as well as for other uses. Our latest products include some designed for airfields such as LANDING LINES and AIR-LOK anchors.


It became evident, through our experience in the industry that many grass fields, particularly those used for sports, primarily those for soccer and baseball would benefit greatly from synthetic and durable marking lines. Since our sports marking lines showed up very clearly when we took some aerial pictures of some sports fields years ago, the thought came to light that with a little modification, it would be a fantastic idea if the lines could also be used for small aircraft on natural grass landing strips. After some prototypes and testing on various local airfields Landing Lines are now a reality and are called LINETURF™ LANDING LINES. Other possible uses of these lines for aviation may include Skydiving Targets and Military Ground Targets and Helicopter Landing Zones.

Now another invention was thought of enabling small aircraft to be anchored quickly and secuerly while parked would be also be a good idea. Seeing that so many high winds across the USA caused much damage gave the inventor this idea he called. Kwik Anchor AIR-LOK. It allows secure ancor points to tie-down light aircraft while parked and does not change the airfields or the surface of the parking zones no matter if they are paved or grass. The lateral force per anchor is over 5500 lbs (2500kg) each unit is made with high quality materials applicable to even harsh environmental requirements. Thhis new product is now patent pending KWIK ANCHOR model AIR-LOK and specifically designed for this application made from high grade materials.


By installing LINETURF™ LANDING LINES you will assure increased safety by increasing visibility alone. Any high costs of painting or chalking lines becomes a thing of the past.Landing Lines are so easy to install that your personnel can do it themselves. They can be installed in virtually any environment where natural grass grows. The life expectancy of the lines is 10 years or more.

Using AIR-LOK anchors to secure light aircraft to the ground helps prevent loss or damage to aircraft while parked and may also prevent serious injury or death to people nearby in high wind conditions.


Jacques (Jim) Prevost
Inventor / President